Johnny Rowland invented “Gun TV” with the original “Shooting Show.”

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Here is an exciting  new opportunity available to you!

Betting on shooting competitions is common at local levels, but it has never before been shown on national television and promises to attract a vast new audience to the shooting sports. Here is your chance to showcase your products and services to potential customers all over our country and throughout the rest of the world!

With our combination of Live Internet Stream, TV, radio, YouTube, Facebook, and publishing, there has never been a better marketing opportunity; and we bring this to our clients as economically and flexibly as we possibly can. Click the Contact tab to begin our partnership!

Here’s a little background on who we are:

Johnny Rowland has been involved with the gun industry for many years and actually invented “Gun TV” with the original “Shooting Show” which went on to air over 500 individual programs on satellite and cable.  It set the stage for several other successful TV and radio series produced and hosted by Johnny.

He currently hosts the “Johnny Rowland Daily Show” on the giant Toginet Radio Network

Johnny is now in production on his new network television program entitled TOMBSTONE GUNS AND GEARS to soon begin airing on The Hunt Channel. (Dish Network channel 266 reaching over 32 Million households nationally)

Based in Tombstone, Arizona, this is essentially an expanded version of Johnny’s hugely popular “Guns and Gears” TV show of a few years ago: a program about Guns, Hot Rods,and Adventure all rolled into one! While Johnny has gained millions of fans through TV, radio, YouTube, and Facebook, he also has a strong readership for his national newspaper columns and his articles in various enthusiast magazines.

Johnny’s team of associates in broadcasting and publishing has some of the best shooting and motor sports authorities available, including Alan Baker, a nationally recognized gunsmith and Marine Corp Veteran, and Larry Weiner, editor of “Pentastar Power” magazine and feature writer for a number of other automotive journals.

Johnny is widely acclaimed for his mechanical engineering accomplishments including his Rowland Turbo Air Generator (a device which makes electricity from engine exhaust) and the ThunderMaxx Super Performance Package for cars and trucks.

We are working on many amazing things including:

  • hands-on gun and shooting classes
  • tourism packages
  • shooting competitions
  • custom hot rods, motorcycles, trikes

We are also marketing to out-of-country residents as well as to citizens of the US; we are offering a fun, educational, and family involved great time. We will definitely be breaking new ground for shooting show broadcasting as we plan to feature Pari Mutuel Wagering on selected shooting matches.


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